You can book the facility by writing to the team working with the wind tunnel.


Contact them by email.


Details of the test content (test schedule)

  • No later than 16 weeks before the first day of the rental period, the PLCT team will send a request for a test schedule proposed by the user. The test schedule must include information about the project, including whether it is expected that acoustic or aerodynamic measurement services, consumables, extra technicians, etc. will be used. The test schedule is used to initiate a dialogue about the measurements, and thus only need to be at a draft level.
  • The user must confirm the test period no later than 14 weeks before start-up or the reservation will be deleted. Along with the confirmation, the user must send the completed test schedule to the PLCT team.
  • The PLCT team submits an offer to the user based on the desired dates and expected activities. At least 10 weeks before the first day of the rental period, the offer must as a starting point be signed by the company. The activities must be described at a level so that the necessary preparation for the test can be done by the PLCT team. However, subsequent adjustments may be made to these activities, subject to agreement between the parties.

Waiting List

  • A waiting list is applied when an otherwise booked time is not required. Users can be entered on the waiting list by contacting the PLCT team via the booking form. The times on the waiting list are assigned in priority order after the time of request to be entered on the waiting list.
  • To enter the waiting list, the minimum coherent test time, as well as start and end date, must be entered.
  • If there is an available time, the users on the waiting list will be contacted by the PLCT team in priority order.
  • The waiting list is not binding.

Availability of PLCT

  • PLCT is initially available for research use in 110 test days per calendar year and for commercial purposes for 110 test days per calendar year. The remaining time is reserved for training, maintenance etc.
  • For questions about availability please contact the PLCT team on



  • Please contact the PLCT team on for a non-binding offer. 

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Poul la Cour Tunnel Administration
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29 MARCH 2020