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Danish-Norwegian cooperation on offshore wind

Tuesday 04 Jun 19


Nicolaos Antonio Cutululis
DTU Wind Energy
+45 21 32 49 65
Collaboration between DTU Wind Energy and NTNU in Norway on sharing PhDs.

Four years ago, in 2015, DTU and NTNU from Norway signed a collaboration agreement on PhD students – the Dual Degree. With Dual Degree, the two research institutions commit themselves to share PhDs meaning that the PhD from DTU is going a year abroad to Norway and vice versa. 

Now, DTU and NTNU reap the benefits of the cooperation, says Professor at DTU Wind Energy, Nicolaos Cutululis.

”At DTU Wind Energy we employed two PhD’s within the Dual Degree programme - one for Henrik Bredmose’s project on ‘Structures’ and one for my own project on ’electrical systems for offshore wind farms’”, he says and continues: 

”The two PhD students are employed as a part of Dual Degree. Additionally, they are connected to another research cooperation between us, NTNU and SINTEF. In January this year, we established a cooperation on offshore wind farms, NOWRIC. This is the cooperation we now have hired the two PhDs to be a part of”.

Not only DTU Wind Energy are engaging PhDs. NTNU is in a process of employing three PhDs. 


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