Strong facilities are the core to innovation

Monday 06 May 19
by Tom Nervil


Christian Bak
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
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From Reuters top 100 it appears that despite political unease across the continent, the top ranks of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities remain remarkably steady.

Thus, DTU is still ranked no. 1 in the Nordic countries and this year no. 13 among Europe’s Most Innovative Universities.

In the description of DTU, Reuters highlights the university´s research infrastructure such as The National Wind Tunnel, Poul la Cour Tunnel

“In 2018, DTU opened the new National Wind Tunnel at its Risø campus. The wind tunnel is one of the largest university-owned tunnels in the world, capable of producing wind speeds of more than three times hurricane strength. It will be used to develop new products for the wind energy industry, as well as test designs for aerospace companies and other industrial partners.”

"It is necessary to develop and implement new measuring methods in the wind tunnel"
Christian Bak, Senior Researcher at DTU Wind Energy

In the years to come this facility will be even more unique, says Christian Bak, Senior Researcher at DTU Wind Energy:

“A new project called AeroLoop will improve both aerodynamics and aeroacoustics – and for that it is necessary to develop and implement new measuring methods in the wind tunnel and decrease the turnaround time in the measurement campaigns to increase the speed of innovation."

Medical imaging, life science and Turbo Pascal

Research areas such as medical diagnoses, bioengineering and programming are also mentioned:

"Researchers at DTU are using the tools of astronomy to improve breast cancer diagnoses. The project repurposes high-energy scanners developed to detect cosmic rays into medical imaging systems that are more sensitive than the X-ray devices currently in use; doctors say the 3D Molecular Breast Imagers will allow precise diagnosis of tumours and lead to better treatment for patients. The project is a collaboration between the university’s space science research institute, DTU Space, and UK-based technology company Kromek."

DTU has completed several other major building projects in recent years, including a 43,000-square-meter Life Science and Bioengineering complex, which brings together a significant part of DTU’s life science research labs on its main campus.

Hans Christian Orsted, a Danish physicist known as the father of electromagnetism, founded DTU in 1829. Notable alumni of the university include software engineer Anders Hejlsberg, author of the software development system Turbo Pascal and lead architect of the team developing the C# programming language.”

You can read more about Reuters Europe’s Most Innovative Universities Ranking here.

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