Teaching resource from DTU Wind Energy reaches 1 million users

Monday 29 Apr 19


Charlotte Bay Hasager
DTU Wind Energy
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The project is created in close collaboration between DTU Wind Energy, DTU Space, Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University, Copenhagen University, Ministry of Education, European Space Agency, DMI, Aarhus University, STV, EDUGIS and DHI Gras.

Students from all over Denmark have been using the website virtuelgalathea3.dk. The website is built on the ground of results from the well-known Galathea 3 expedition. Altogether, 100 projects have been created, and the website has now reached 1 million visitors.

The Galathea expeditions comprise a series of three Danish ship-based scientific research expeditions in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. At DTU Wind Energy a large group of researchers has followed up on the Galathea 3 expedition by creating the website http://virtuelgalathea3.dk.

Virtual Galathea is an open platform where students from 7-10. grade and Upper Secondary School can participate in different projects related to the expedition. 

A new record

On April 24. 2019, more than 1 million users have visited the website, says Charlotte Bay Hasager, Senior Researcher at DTU Wind Energy and responsible for Virtual Galathea3:

“We are happy and proud. It is incredible that the research is still widely used in education more than 10 years after we started the project,” she says and continues:

“The latest numbers show that the project is popular. In March 2019, we had 21.317 visitors on the website. We have never before had more than 20.000 visitors in one month.”

“The material is primarily within the field of the natural sciences and is interdisciplinary. It inspires the students to chose an education within those areas,” she says.

DTU Wind Energy coordinates the website on behalf of hundreds of researchers from Galathea 3, journalists, teachers and students, who participated in the Galathea 3 expedition.

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