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Monday 21 Jan 19


Amin Ghadirian
DTU Wind Energy
+45 50 30 08 87

Amin Ghadirian is one of 45 PhD students at DTU Wind Energy. He has turned in his PhD project and will defend it in a few weeks time.

Today, 45 PhD students are employeed at DTU Wind Energy. One of them is Amin Ghadirian. We have talked to him to hear about his experience as a PhD student at DTU Wind Energy.

What was you ph.d. about?
My PhD evolved to be a comprehensive study of the extreme wave loads on offshore monopile foundations.

It includes studies of identifying the water waves that create a certain extreme loading on the monopile, how these waves behave on a sloped bed and how the flow behaves locally around the monopile when such waves occur.

In addition, some part of my PhD work involves reproduction of such events both numerically and analytically.

When did you start, and when will you finish?
I started 1st of November 2015 and handed in 31st of October 2018. I will defend my thesis 23rd of January 2019.

Why did you choose to study at DTU Wind Energy?
I worked as a research assistant in the field of wind energy for a while in Tehran.

During this job I noticed in the literature that DTU Wind Energy, DTU Mechanical Engineering and Risø have had many contributions in this field so I got interested in continuing my education here in DTU.

What is the three best things about being a ph.d. student at DTU Wind Energy?
I think it is the most known and probably the finest research institute in the field of wind energy. So a PhD student at DTU Wind will most probably be involved in the latest advancements in this field. In addition, it is a friendly and relaxed environment to work in. In addition to friendly colleagues the flat organizational structure in DTU Wind also boost the relaxed work environment. Finally, there are many collaboration opportunities with other institutes around the world.

What are you going to do after your ph.d.?
I have already started a post doctoral job to continue the work I was doing as a PhD student.

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