A graåphics showing the wind tunnel and the content of the tunnel


The Poul la Cour Tunnel is a Danish national research infrastructure. It is situated at the Technical University of Denmark - DTU Risø Campus. 

DTU Wind Energy has been carrying out wind energy-related research since 1978 and, thus, supporting the wind turbine industry, the government and the society in general. Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic research have constituted an important part of the work at DTU Wind Energy, where e.g. design of airfoil families and rotors as well as understanding their aerodynamics and acoustics have supported the wind energy development. 

Because of this research, airfoil families have been licensed to the industry since 2002 and between 5 % and 10 % of the wind energy worldwide is now produced by Risø airfoils. 

In 2011, Danish stakeholders, i.e. wind turbine manufacturers, universities and other institutions with a potential interest in a large wind tunnel dedicated to wind energy, discussed the need and specifications for a possible wind tunnel. It was agreed that a unique tunnel with large dimensions and the ability to test not only aerodynamics but also aeroacoustics was needed. A project description was submitted to the Danish Research and Innovation Agency and in mid-2012, the project was granted a large funding. Furthermore, the Region of Zealand, where the DTU Risø Campus is situated, funded the workshops that form a part of the wind tunnel.

With the important funding in place, DTU started a pre-project to define the conceptual design of the wind tunnel. This was finalized in the beginning of 2014 and in early 2016 suppliers initiated the construction. November 2017 the last components were installed and during March 2018, it is planned to start the commissioning of the fan.

It was agreed with the stakeholders that tests supporting industrial development can constitute 50% of the time and research based tests can represent the remaining 50% of the time. An important part of the wind tunnel design is therefore to be able to handle wind tunnel tests in confidence and that preparations of tests as well can be carried out in confidence. 

All interested companies and institutions can carry out aerodynamic and aeroacoustic tests, although certain emphasis will be on tests for wind energy purposes.


The Poul la Cour Tunnel is funded by DTU, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and Region Zealand.

29 MARCH 2020