A sketch of the test section showing a cut through the test section with an airfoil in the pitch bearing. Flow enters the test section from the left.

Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic tests of 2D airfoils

The tests in the Poul la Cour Tunnel are initially to dedicated aerodynamic and aeroacoustic blade section/airfoil tests for wind turbine blades. Airfoils with a chord length of up to 1.0m (and in special conditions up to 2.0m) and a spanwidth of 2.0m can be mounted vertically in the turntable in the test section. Pressure taps in the airfoil, pressure taps in the walls (if hard walls are mounted) and/or force gauges in the airfoil shafts ensure precise measurements of the aerodynamic lift forces, while a wake rake positioned downstream of the airfoil ensures precise measurements of the drag forces. With either the pressure taps at the airfoil or the shaft gauges also the aerodynamic moments can be measured. If Kevlar walls are mounted, noise measurements can be carried out and thereby map the aerodynamic noise emission.
22 JANUARY 2020